Some cards are too large for the guests who have small screen - to enjoy them fully save them on your hard disk

Term of Use Nubia_group BLOG

Term of Use of the Nubia designed cards
Thanks to follow these term of use
and to respect my efforts
1st of all, i request you not to copy and paste the cards from the Blog
why ? to care of the bandwidth
if the pictures have too many viewers in one month they will stop to appear until the next month
this happened already once
so i ask you (and i insist) to save the pictures on your hard disk
and after post them to your friends as ATTACHEMENTS
how to proceed :
clic right on a picture and "save target as"
then post to your friend as an attachement, like any other personal picture you will sent... this is simple !
you are not allowed :
- to edit the cards
- to cut the pictures
- to resize the pictures (smaller or bigger)
- to remove the credit, watermarks or author's names from the pictures
- to add any kind of text , or your name on the pictures
- to repost or forward the Nubia_group designed cards in other groups
(yahoo groups, google groups, live groups or any kind of online groups)
- to publish the Nubia_group cards on any forum
- to publish the Nubia_group cards on online GROUPS blogs
- To make profit or any kind of commerce with the Nubia_group cards
if you have a request or a question feel free to mail me
you are allowed :
You are free to forward the Nubia_group designed cards 
to your friends, family, collegues
or add the designed cards on your  personal blogs,
web personal pages, site  etc..
i design these cards for my members and followers
and not for other groups
who very often miss respect the creations

be a proud member of the community
and respect my group and blog  rules, term of use  and efforts
Now i hope you will enjoy
best regards