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Hello dear friends
thanks for your visit on my Blog and FaceBook Fan Page
i am Nubia, a french women of 49 years old
blessed with a wonderful husband and 1 daughter of 16 years old
My hobbie is since many years to create quotes cards for my friends
and as my cards had success
my friends pushed me to create my own yahoo group
i created my yahoo group in 2005
my goal is to inspire, touch, motivate, encourage others
i publish all kind of poetry and quotes
inspirationnal, friendship, romantic ...
it is not a religious group
it's a poetry group
the official langage of Nubia_group is English
i choosed English because my members
(38.000 members in april 2013)
come from all around the world and from all religions
the only commun langage to all is ENGLISH
now you know a little bit more...
you can visit :
my yahoo group here :
have a look on my power point collection here :

if you wish to receive the nubia_group cards, you have some choises

1. become member of my yahoo group "Nubia_group"
you will receive around 5 mails daily, mostly poetry and quotes
all unique and creative mails,(i very rarely publish forward mails)
and sometimes powerpoint presentation, art pictures and fashion
i also publish creative poetry written by my members
if you choose to be member, always prefer to take membership
with your personnal ID and not your office ID
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I  hope you will enjoy the visit
and i wish you a wonderful day
owner of Nubia_group